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Mop Yarn Specialist


Mop Yarn. We specialize in the manufacture of mop yarn. We use 3 kinds of spinning systems: dreff spinning, woolen spinning and open-end spinning.

Annual Report

Over the past 15 years, our company’s annual sales have been growing aggressively. Our yarns have been exported to more than 35 countries worldwide. It makes us as one of the largest and strongest companies in this business.

Our Growth

Since our company started in 2003, the investment we made on both technology and good quality of raw materials has shown significant progress. We are committed to produce the best quality yarn.

We Believe Our Imagination Determine the Future

PT. Panjimas Textile  – Asian mop and blanket yarn spesialist, we deliver you the best price and product of mop and blanket yarn

Shoody Product

We can produce a variety of shoddy colors. Colors available include White, Raw White, Black, Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Dark Blue and Light Blue.

Mop Yarn Product

The advantages that we have in producing mop yarn are the abilty to meet the needs of each of our different clients. We have the flexibility to meet the need for size, material, rewinding and packaging methods.

Open End Yarn

We produce a high quality open end yarn made from recycled fiber with a mixture of virgin from Ne 2.5’s to Ne 7’s. In addition, we also a mixture variety of colors for adjusting the customer needs.